"Croatian AI League"


The easiest way to start and submit your solution is to open the following tutorial on Colaboratory from Google.

"Open In Colab"


The challenge has two parts:

  • instance segmentation of dolphins in the photo (February 18th - June 4th 2021), and
  • recognition of an individual dolphin from the photo (June 5th - September 3th 2021).
  • Official rules (in Croatian) can be found at the following link.

  • Privacy notice (in Croatian) can be found at the following link.



The leaderboard will be periodically updated to reflect new sumbissions.

    alias            date                          submitted_iou    calculated_iou
--  ---------------  --------------------------  ---------------  ----------------
 1  AquamanZo        2021-06-03 17:05:55.772358          0.51072          0.516741
 2  tekashi          2021-04-20 19:31:43.024354          0.50132          0.513168
 3  dolphinSantiago  2021-03-28 21:13:52.740719          0.48156          0.490305
 4  alias            2021-06-04 13:05:31.930730          0.57413          0.487422
 5  alias1           2021-06-04 10:45:15.451028          0.5775           0.473954
 6  duplin           2021-06-03 09:59:18.678395          0.46366          0.471571
 7  Fico             2021-06-02 13:18:06.353793          0.46946          0.468637
 8  Orka             2021-04-02 16:21:59.548029          0.47683          0.467433
 9  Boto             2021-03-31 22:30:51.956628          0.44334          0.461158
10  Dupin            2021-03-31 14:35:22.171495          0.46228          0.457796
11  dolphin_rovinj   2021-05-01 20:06:35.372099          0.43487          0.45727
12  dolphinn         2021-06-02 23:25:59.245905          0.45828          0.456409
13  assert0          2021-05-30 17:16:46.563665          0.4434           0.455922
14  test1            2021-06-04 20:53:40.681073          0.44507          0.451674
15  dupincek         2021-03-29 17:04:06.266327          0.44912          0.446151
16  stokic           2021-02-21 18:51:53.232539          0.43552          0.442665
17  firstML          2021-02-28 09:54:54.020979          0.42529          0.432354
18  rangoiv_0.0      2021-03-11 21:18:19.755089          0.41769          0.426023
19  testy            2021-03-12 15:06:14.210987          0.39001          0.372717

Local install

You can also work on your own personal computer or cloud by installing our pip package and downloading the data directly using the following command:

pip install dolphins-recognition-challenge

How to use

The dataset is prepared for use with PyTorch, although it is easy to prepare it for other frameworks. To use it with PyTorch, install the PIP package above and import it as follows:

from dolphins_recognition_challenge.datasets import get_dataset

train_ds, val_ds = get_dataset("segmentation")

The easiest way is to start is by downloading the same tutorial Jupyter notebook mentioned above.


Discussions are hosted on Github, together with the complete source code of the challenge. There you can ask questions and discuss any matter you like.



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